Why blog in 2017?

Hi, I’m Jon Shishko and I pastor Reformation Presbyterian Church in Queens, NYC. Blogging isn’t anything I’ve ever wanted to do. But, something very valuable happens to me all the time, so valuable, I need a system to start tracking these occurrences. The valuable thing that happens all the time is….people ask me questions. Often, those questions are questions many of us are already asking – or should be asking. I’ll never mention names – and sometimes I’ll rephrase the question a bit – but this is a place where I’ll be asking your questions. I’ll pose your question and then I’ll offer answers from God’s Word. I’ll do that by stating your question as the post title, then referring to God’s Word, and finally by discussing how God’s Word answers or begins to answer the question you ask.  “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find…” – Matthew 7:7.

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